S.O.S. (Save Our Shower!)

shower renovation service

Is your existing shower too small? Would you get better water pressure by standing outside in a light rain shower? Is your shower tile a throwback to the nineteen-seventies? If your shower suffers from these (or other) design flaws, it may be time for a bathroom upgrade. More specifically, it may be time for a total shower overhaul.

Rather than squeezing yourself into the tiny cubicle that is your shower, wouldn’t it be nice to bathe in a spacious, glass-enclosed walk-in shower? A recent bathroom design trend is the walk-in shower, enclosed in over-sized panes of glass or solid walls. Even if you think that your bathroom is not big enough to accommodate such a wonderful sounding shower, it doesn’t hurt to ask your contractor about your shower expansion options.

Even in a smaller bathroom, a larger shower is still a possibility. We’re not talking about bending the laws of physics, but simply making better use of existing space. You might not notice it, but chances are your tiny bathroom has more space than you might think. And that dead space could easily accommodate a spacious and elegant walk-in shower. Consider downsizing your vanity to get a bigger shower. If necessary, the plumbing for your toilet can even be rearranged to accommodate a bigger shower.

So ditch that tiny shower, and replace it with a spacious walk-in model. You can even get rid of that awful shower curtain while you’re at it, since today’s new and improved showers generally feature glass panes, which lend a sense of space and openness even in a smaller bathroom. And while we’re on the subject of bigger showers, we should also talk about smarter water control.

Basic shower faucets are a thing of the past. Today’s bathroom possibilities include smarter, more user-friendly fixtures. From thermostatic mixers to touchscreen-operated showers, the modern bathroom is infused will all manner of new and innovative technology.

Let Cardigan Kitchens and Baths help you explore the possibilities for your bathroom. Whether you want a more spacious shower, a better overall bathroom design, or the latest in bathroom technology, we can help. From improving water pressure to complete bathroom renovations, Cardigan Kitchen and Baths has the experience and expertise to give you the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

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