Scenarios That May Cause Drain Line Stoppages

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Drains that flow correctly are dependent upon the condition of the main trunk line. Older yard lines are of concrete and clay. As they age, the materials and connections become brittle, sustain cracks, and allow roots to grow into the inside of the pipe. Trees, shrubs, and different kinds of flowers are often to blame, but these plants are just doing what comes naturally, which is growing towards the water source. Unfortunately, as they accomplish the feat, toilet paper, flushable wipes, and feminine products catch on the foreign substances. This action leads to backups happening, and plumbers must use a sewer machine with a sharp blade to cut through the debris. If the dilemma is a regular occurrence, the technician may send a camera down the line, which will reveal any bellies, dips, or other problems.

Shifted drains do not have an appropriate amount of fall, or they have too much, and they do not take waste appropriately. The city tap is deep within the ground, and when breaks happen in this location, it results in your entire sewer system failing. Our team has served Bowie, Crofton, and surrounding areas since 1971. With over 40-years of experience, we have the ability and know-how to get your drains back in working order quickly. Slab homes have cast-iron piping underneath, and when the failure occurs at this point, the only way to access the problem is by breaking the concrete or tunneling under the foundation. We always attempt to reach the issue in a way that causes the least amount of damage possible, but repairing a sewer line is like major surgery, and homeowners should expect some destruction.

Air conditioner drains tie into the main sewer through a lavatory, bathtub, or washing machine drain. It is not uncommon for a person to come home after a long day, only to find their sink or tub filled to the brim. The situation is quite intimidating, as the liquid can overflow into the floor at any time. Don’t fret if this problem is occurring. Instead, turn off your a/c unit, dip out the H20 with a small cup, and pour it into an appropriately sized container. Contact our office, and allow our plumbers to unclog the drain to let the water flow freely again.