Schedule Plumbing Service When Ankle Deep Tub Water Plagues You

Schedule Plumbing Service When Ankle Deep Tub Water Plagues You

People usually don’t give much thought to their tub or shower drains. They cut on the water, hop in, lather up, and expect the water to disappear down the line. However, there are a few different things that can cause the liquid to build up around a person’s ankles. For instance, soap scum, hair, and calcium can accumulate in the P-trap over time. These additional substances choke off the drain and leave it unable to take the water.

Another common culprit that often causes this issue is the old, lead drum trap. Not all houses are modern, and many structures still have the original plumbing intact. When the foundation settles, or if the piping was not installed correctly from the get-go, the outlet becomes level with the inlet. This act may not seem like a big deal, but if the pipe does not have an appropriate slope, it cannot take the amount of water that today’s shower heads put out. Thus, the liquid in the tub goes down, but not fast enough, and homeowners are left with it pooling around their feet while bathing.


DIY Plumbing Service Could Become A Nightmare


Many homeowners are hands-on when it comes to the upkeep of their property. They fix leaks, unclog drains, replace fixtures, and do tons of other home improvement projects. Who can blame them for saving a buck here and there? However, when it comes to blocked pipes, it is of the utmost importance for people to be careful. There are many different chemicals available that promise to remove this or eliminate that. Consumers should always read the warning labels and directions before applying them to the line.

For one, breathing in the fumes can be dangerous, and the act may cause a person to become ill. Additionally, some of the substances will burn if they come in contact with the skin. Aside from the health-related issues arising, the compounds can damage finishes and harm pipes too. If the mixture remains dormant, without unclogging the drain, it might cause PVC, metal, or other kinds of materials to melt and deteriorate. Rather than gaining a free-flowing line, the homeowner obtains a giant mess with a hazardous material running between floors, inside walls, or under the house.


Reliable, Trustworthy Plumbing Service


Our plumbers have the experience, know-how, and ability to get your drains working right again. So, don’t fret if water starts building up around your ankles in the tub. Instead, call in the professionals to unclog, repair, or replace the faulty lines.

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