Seniors May Have New Bathroom Needs

Bathroom Remodeling Companies - Seniors Have Bathroom Needs

Usually, when someone consults with bathroom remodeling companies about renovations, they do so for any of three reasons. First, they have just purchased a home and want to have modern bathrooms built in order to upgrade the property. Second, they are a homeowner who has decided to invest in the bathroom they’ve always wanted. Finally, they are thinking of putting a home up for sale, and they have realized that a bathroom remodel can increase the property’s value on the market.

However, there is another more practical need for bathroom remodeling. It has nothing to do with raising property value or making domestic dreams come true and everything to do with being able to stay in one’s home. We are referring to those instances when seniors need bathroom remodeling.

Why It Is Required

Bathrooms are built to be utilitarian, typically constructed to ensure all the moisture that accumulates in them doesn’t result in mold growth. And while they can be aesthetically pleasing areas, their primary function is to accommodate one’s bathing, showering, and toilet needs.

However, as useful as they are, bathrooms are not universally accessible to everyone. Disabled residents in wheelchairs, for example, have a difficult time using a typical bathroom. Sinks usually have cabinets underneath, which do not allow wheelchair users to get close to the faucet. Bathtubs and shower stalls are just as inaccessible to those individuals. The latter situation is a problem that many seniors have to deal with.

Ordinary activities such as getting into a tub become difficult or impossible as seniors become wheelchair users or suffer from joint or limb disorders that make it challenging to lift their legs. A slippery, wet floor can cause them to get into an accident that may have severe or even fatal implications.

The Relocation Issue

For some aging homeowners, even if they can afford to stay in their own home, their physical limitations pose many issues. Safe, easy access to bathroom facilities may no longer be a given. Without drastic alterations, this can be a valid reason for suggesting that a senior should relocate to a long-term care facility instead.

This is where bathroom remodeling companies come in. Changes to a bathroom don’t have to be for the purpose of upgrading the fixtures or improving the area’s look. They can also be for the sake of providing greater accessibility.

What Can Be Done?

There are many options to make bathrooms more accessible. Tubs and shower stalls, for example, can be modified so that an elderly person can use their wheelchair in them. Toilets can be altered to have handles that users can hold on to as they’re sitting down and standing up. Sinks and other bathroom features can be spaced out or remodeled to accommodate wheelchairs and provide more traction or better usage for everyone.

For some, those are crucial changes to make in order for a senior loved one to stay in their own home safely. Contact us if you need the same solutions for your property.