Severna Park MD Bathroom Remodeling

On the outskirts of Baltimore, and just 39 short miles from the Washington DC line, Severna Park, MD is an area with plenty of families, plenty of homes, and plenty of bathrooms that could use a freshening up. With our bathroom remodeling services, our Severna Park, MD customers can have the bathrooms of their dreams, whether their home dates back to the time of the founding of Severna Park itself or was built in the last decade. An old bathroom is often a faulty bathroom, and as one of the most used rooms in your home, this is an area in your Severna Park, MD home that should be kept in a state fit for its amount of daily use.

As of 2000, the Severna Park census counted 9,731 different households in the 19.3 square mile region, and this is a number that has done nothing but grow as time has gone on. 9,731 homes means, at the absolute least, 9,731 bathrooms, and the same amount of families who could use a room that works better for them and their home both functionally and aesthetically.

Severna Park MD Bathrooms, Mold, And Remodeling

When bathrooms within the Severna Park region get older, their fixtures and materials start breaking down, and this provides an excellent opportunity for mold growth. Many of our Severna Park, MD bathroom remodeling customers find that bathrooms grow more difficult to clean as they’re chasing the mold away, and keeping the bathroom looking clean and presentable gets more difficult as their space continues as it is.

For these customers, we at Cardigan can design and remodel a bathroom to be one that mold won’t enjoy, and even years of showering, washing, and plenty of moisture won’t be any match for your new design when it comes to mold growth. Out with the old and in with the new can finally allow you to put a stop to the mold cycle, and enjoy showing off your bathroom once again!

Bathroom Remodeling And Design In Severna Park

When it comes to Severna Park, MD bathroom remodeling, we know how important the design of the room is to our customers, which is why we strive to create a space that perfectly encompasses your vision. From the initial plans, to the finished project, you can be involved every step of the way to ensure our professionals provide you with just the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. Whether a modern appeal is important to you, or you’re prioritizing a space that’s simple to clean, your top concerns are our top concerns where your new bathroom is concerned.

If you’re not quite sure, design-wise, what you’d like out of your new Severna Park bathroom remodeling project, we at Cardigan can help with this as well. Our professionals can take your concerns and the wants you do know into consideration, and turn this into a design learning process that will give you a better feel of just what your ideal bathroom vision may be. From different materials, like ceramic tile or different countertop materials, to the layout and fixtures you’d like to include, you can pick and choose along with a well-versed professional that will make sure you get just what you want.

Budget And Time Friendly

Being so close to the Baltimore metropolitan area, and the Washington DC area, many residents of Severna Park are busy, and we know that our customers don’t have all the time in the world to wait for the remodeling project to be complete. For this reason, we always try to stick as closely as possible to the estimate times we provide our Severna Park customers, as we know just how important it is to comfortably and conveniently schedule a bathroom remodel into a busy lifestyle.

When it comes to budget, we also make sure our estimates are as accurate as possible, because no customer should be more surprised by the cost of their remodel than they are the way it has improved their home. Financially planning for a bathroom remodel responsibly is important, and we know that this can only be done when the estimate you receive is one that you can count on.

Severna Park MD Bathroom Remodeling For All Purposes

No matter your reason for a bathroom remodel in your Severna Park home, we can make it happen. Whether you simply want something more modern and usable, if you want to maximize the space you have, if you want a bathroom that’s easier to clean, or you’re simply tired of fighting bathroom mold, our remodeling projects can work for you in giving you a bathroom you finally love.

If you’ve been juggling with the idea of getting a bathroom remodel for aesthetics or function, or you’re sick of combating mold, taking the steps to look further into a mold remediation or any kind of remodel with us today can put you on the path to finally getting the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.