Should You Add A Bathroom?

Bathroom Remodeling In Maryland: Should You Add A Bathroom?

A bathroom is one of the essential rooms in a home, even if it’s not used as often as the kitchen. Bathroom remodeling in Maryland is often about just improving what’s already there, but it can also build out what wasn’t there before. In some cases, improving your bathroom situation may mean adding a new bathroom, but is this a good idea?

Adding Convenience

For some, an additional bathroom is an obvious choice because bathroom needs have suddenly changed. A new partner or spouse moving into the home, for example, may show the inadequacy of having only one bathroom in the house. The same is true if the decision is made to start a family, but the home, while large enough to accommodate a growing family, is old enough not to have enough bathrooms.

Adding Value

It’s not unusual for older homes to have more than one floor and yet still only have one bathroom for the entire household. This can have an impact both on your property value and sale appeal. Many homeowners prefer a residence with more than one bathroom, especially for a family situation. Adding in additional bathrooms can raise the property value of a home and increase its appeal for purchase to prospective buyers.

Choosing The Right Location

There are many portions of a home suitable for adding a bathroom, especially if you’re thinking of a smaller half-bath/water closet solution. Some areas to consider are:

• Under a staircase
• End of a hallway
• Walk-in closet
• First-floor laundry room
• Part of a bedroom

In some cases, though, it may be possible to add a master bathroom suite to an existing master bedroom. It depends on the size of the master bedroom and how much cubic space you’re willing to sacrifice to get this. Ultimately, with proper planning and expert consultation, however, bathroom remodeling in Maryland can get you an additional bathroom or more for your home.