Should You Add A Powder Room To Your Home?

Should You Add A Powder Room To Your Home?

The “powder room,” is just another name for what some people refer to as the “half-bath” or “water closet.” It’s a smaller bathroom, with toilet and sink, that normally doesn’t include a shower stall or bathtub. It’s an extra bathroom that is normally included on the first floor of modern two-or-more floor homes so that guests don’t have to go upstairs to use the toilet. However, if your home doesn’t have a powder room, should you talk to Millersville MD plumbing services about having one added?

An Investment

Done properly, with the right mindset and budget, adding a powder room to a home can be a great way to raise the value of a property. With proper implementation, an additional powder room added to a home can raise the property value by as much as 24%! That’s quite impressive for one additional room.

However, the added value to a home has to be balanced by the cost of installation. As mentioned before, if you don’t have an existing powder room in a home, you’ll need to talk to Millersville MD plumbing services, not just an experienced remodeler. This is because a completely new powder room will require new plumbing to be installed where it didn’t exist before.

Talk To The Experts

Depending on where your existing plumbing is, creating a new plumbing network may be very easy, or require extensive work if your desired powder room location is far from any nearby water and sewage pipes. This is why if you’re looking at your budget, it is very important to talk to experienced Millersville MD plumbing services and let them look at your current plumbing situation so they can help you understand the costs involved in adding a new powder room to a particular location. You may find that the cost is higher—or lower—than you had been expecting.