Should You Build A Laundry Room?

Should You Build A Laundry Room?

Many homes in Maryland have a combination washer and dryer for doing laundry at home rather than going to a laundromat or washing everything by hand. However, some homeowners decide to take things a little bit further and have a dedicated laundry room for these appliances.

While most homes keep laundry machines in the basement, it’s possible to move them to a space in the kitchen, on the second floor of a house, or even a dedicated room on either floor. But why would you want a laundry room remodel contractor to build this for you?

No Longer An Eyesore

Laundry machines were commonly installed in basement areas for homes that have them. The primary reason for this was that they were large, noisy machines, and if there were a problem with them in an unfinished basement, the spilled water wouldn’t be damaging to the property.

Today, many of these considerations are no longer issues. Modern laundry machines are smaller and quieter, often create less vibration, and, in some cases, can even be stacked on top of each other to save even more space. Because of this, the size demands of laundry machines are much smaller than they used to be, meaning that their placement in a home is open to more possibilities.

The Second Floor

Placing a laundry room on the second floor of a home, for example, provides a lot of convenience. With bedrooms normally located on the second floor, dirty clothes accumulate, typically requiring storage in a hamper until it’s time to do the laundry.

However, with a dedicated laundry room or space, hampers can either be moved out of bedrooms to the laundry room, reclaiming space, or dispensed with entirely, by depositing clothes in the machines themselves. For people with mobility issues, this prevents any possible risk or injury that might come from carrying laundry down two flights of stairs.

The Kitchen

A laundry room remodel contractor may also be able to build you a dedicated laundry room in the kitchen or create a small space for laundry machines in the existing kitchen. Depending on the configuration of your laundry machines and your need for cabinet space, it may even be possible to build laundry machines under the countertop.

For single-floor homes, this again provides more convenience for those with mobility issues; it means no longer having to make regular trips risking the stairs to the basement. However, laundry machines also benefit from this location as tile flooring and the general water resistance of kitchens often make this a suitable location.

It’s important to keep in mind that a laundry room remodel contractor must build a laundry space with easy access to water and drainage pipes. While kitchens are easy for this, the upper floors of a home are less accommodating, usually requiring proximity to a bathroom since those rooms will have both.

If you think you’d like a laundry room remodel contractor to look at your home to move your laundry machines to another location, we can help. We’re an experienced professional contractor in Maryland, so contact us today.