Should You Build A Water Closet?

Bathroom Remodeling Companies - Should You Build A Water Closet?

There are quite a few ways in which bathroom remodeling companies can enhance your home’s bathroom situa-tion. You can get an existing bathroom remodeled for a new look. You can have a new, small bathroom built into the first floor of a home to add more convenience. As a recent trend in the US following European tradi-tions, you can have a water closet built. But what is this?

A Stall At Home

In some cases, water closets are interchangeable with the term “small bathroom,” which sometimes indicates a small room with a toilet and a sink. This is perfect for guests who may not want or need to go upstairs to use the bathroom.

However, a water closet can also be a small, complete partition for the toilet itself within the bathroom. Why would you want to do this? The answer is privacy. For example, one of the most popular uses of a water closet is in master bathrooms. It allows a couple—or even just roommates—to share a bathroom simultaneously with-out invading privacy. If someone uses the toilet, the door shut on the water closet allows toilet use to continue even if someone else uses the sink to brush teeth, shave, apply makeup, or some other activity.

A Growing Trend With Bathroom Remodeling Companies

This added privacy in the bathroom was formerly a “European Thing.” Still, many Americans are now starting to look for water closet features in the homes they are looking to buy or build them in themselves if it’s not present.

However, it’s essential to keep your comfort level in mind. A water closet can be as small as 3’ x 5’, but some may find that too claustrophobic to use comfortably. Look at your own needs, or your hopes for raising your home’s property value if bathroom remodeling companies can’t improve your home with a water closet.