Should You Get A Dishwasher?

Kitchen Renovations: Should You Get A Dishwasher?

Anyone considering kitchen renovations and an older kitchen may wonder if purchasing and installing a dishwasher is worth it. There are definitely more reasons to do so now than in earlier years, but here’s what makes your household a good fit for dishwashers.

More Residents

If you’re in a family situation with three or more people living in the home, dishwashers are often a good investment. This is because the amount of water a dishwasher uses will be less in this situation than if you were washing all those dishes by hand.

With two or only one resident, running the dishwasher without a full load can be wasteful, resulting in higher water bills. However, you may not be willing to wait until more dishes are used up before running it.

Ample Storage Space

A full-size dishwasher means giving up some storage space somewhere in your kitchen. This may mean losing some space under the countertop that lower cabinets normally use or sacrificing some space on that island kitchen counter. Remember that a full-size dishwasher can, on average, store about 100 eating items at once when you include cutlery, so it takes up ample space.

While getting smaller dishwashers is possible, you’ll still be ceding space somewhere, most likely on the counter, as even these smaller units are often about the size of a microwave oven.

They Really Work

Under the right conditions, dishwashers are much more energy and water efficient than handwashing dishes. Part of this is because they have their own built-in heaters to get the water to temperatures a hand couldn’t tolerate; this makes it easier to clean dishes on less water. This is a great choice for people who want to save on water while washing many dishes.

If you have plans for kitchen renovations and want some help completing the project and installing a new dishwasher, contact us today.