Should You Get A Jetted Bathtub?

Bathroom Remodeling Companies: Get A Jetted Bathtub

Bathroom remodeling companies can make some big changes to your home. One of the biggest is giving you a completely new bathroom with premium features. A jetted bathtub is one of the big-ticket items that bathroom remodeling companies can add for a luxury experience. But is there any reason to get one added besides being able to impress visitors when they see it?

While it’s true that jetted bathtubs are on the higher end of bathtub usage, there are some excellent reasons to consider having one in your home seriously.

Therapeutic Benefits

A jetted bathtub, sometimes known colloquially as a jacuzzi, differs from a standard bathtub. It has powerful nozzles that send out pressurized water that can be felt like a distinctive force against the skin. Sitting in a jetted bathtub for a fixed period is, just like a regular tub, relaxing. But the added effect of the jets massages muscles.

For people with sore muscles, jetted bathtubs can relax and massage them, providing more relief. Anyone with a high level of physical exertion, or even the elderly with muscle discomfort, benefits from this.

Lower Blood Pressure

The massaging effect of a jetted bathtub doesn’t just work on muscles; it works on blood vessels too. Of course, a regular hot bath can achieve a similar effect, but this is more pronounced with a jetted bathtub. For people that suffer from high blood pressure, frequent soaks in a jetted bathtub can help to mitigate these effects. But, of course, that also means people suffering from lower blood pressure shouldn’t take these kinds of baths.

Calorie Burn

It’s not time or muscle-efficient, but you actually burn calories when you take a jetted bath. A soak in a tub for an hour burns the same number of calories as a 30 minutes walk. It’s not a solution for exercise but strictly for weight loss; it can help with calorie consumption.