Should You Get A Wet Room?

Should You Get A Wet Room?

If you’re thinking of getting some Bowie bathroom remodeling, there are a lot of different design choices open to you. One of the more dramatic, visually striking options is to go with something called a “wet room.” While it might sound like something for hospitals or babies, this is a unique type of bathroom that brings some interesting things to the home.

Water Everywhere

As the name implies, a wet room is a type of bathroom that follows the open concept idea of kitchens and brings it to the bathroom space. There’s no shower curtain or elevation for a bathtub, and, in fact, everything is designed to allow water to flow on the floor towards a central drain. Sometimes a wet room doesn’t even have a bathtub, just a shower, which may have one or no partitions blocking it from the rest of the room. Typical wet rooms are tiled and waterproofed across the entire floor and all walls, with a graded floor, to handle the flow of water to a central drain.

Why Choose A Wet Room?

Wet rooms are a very unique, modern choice in bathroom design, though they are not necessarily all that new in concept. Wet rooms have been a common design choice for bathrooms in Asia for many years, mostly for economic/pragmatic reasons, but with a new spin on the look and design, the wet room is crossing the globe and is now surprisingly modern, and even glamorous compared to its older roots. For people that want a bathroom that really stands out, this design choice is going to turn heads for Bowie bathroom remodeling, but there are other reasons to choose it.

Easier To Clean

Because a wet room doesn’t have all the rugs, divisions and partitions—or even tub—that other bathrooms have, it can be comparatively easy to clean. Part of this is because all the water often runs across the entire floor, so there are fewer issues with the floor remaining dirty. The other part is that it is more accessible, with fewer things to get in the way while cleaning.

Good For Seniors

While wet rooms have a modern look, they are also much easier for people to use. Senior citizens, for example, may have trouble getting into and out of a tub, especially if they only need to get into a tub to shower. With a wet room, however, there are no elevations or dividers that seniors, who may have mobility issues, need to step over or circumvent.

More Spacious

Finally, wet rooms are also more spacious. Because they have fewer appliances cluttering the space, the more open, minimalist look of wet rooms gives them a much larger, less claustrophobic feel. If you’re thinking of Bowie bathroom remodeling with a smaller space, choosing to go the wet room route can open up that space and add value to your property in some unexpected ways.

So if you’re thinking to undertake some changes to your bathroom, and want something different, striking and modern, consider going with a wet room in your home.