Should You Get A Wooden Countertop?

Kitchen Home Improvement - Get A Wooden Countertop

Aesthetically speaking, few things work as well in a kitchen as a wooden countertop. When it comes to kitchen home improvement, a wooden countertop is a classic. It’s also one of the more affordable materials you can use as a countertop material. But while wood countertops have their pros, they also have their cons.

Here’s what you should know if you’re thinking of having a wooden countertop installed as part of your kitchen home improvement.

Pro: It’s cheaper

Compared to stone materials like granite and quartz, wood is a less expensive material. It can save you money in terms of sheer square footage. That can be very cost-effective for more extensive kitchen counters.

Con: There’s maintenance

However, the offset of paying a lower price at the installation costs you more money over the years in maintenance. Unlike stone, which is naturally water-resistant, wood, by nature, is water absorbent. It must be adequately sealed against water, and this seal must be regularly maintained to prevent water damage.

Pro: It’s versatile

Wooden countertops go a huge variety of different kitchen designs for one primary reason; warmth. Nothing brings that warm look to a kitchen the way an expansive wooden countertop can. Done right, it can create a striking, beautiful kitchen.

Con: It’s delicate

That warmth, however, comes with vulnerabilities. Unlike a stone countertop, which is exceptionally resistant to drops and impacts, wood is a softer, more malleable material. This means that things like knicks or scratches from a knife, for example, will mar a wood countertop, whereas a granite or quartz surface would show much less damage.

If you’re serious about a wooden countertop as a kitchen home improvement, then be prepared for some commitment. If you take care of your countertop, you’ll be rewarded with a softer, gentler surface, even warmer than cool stone or steel countertops, and that will beautify any kitchen.