Should You Get Rid Of Your Bathtub?

Bathroom Remodeling Companies: Should You Get Rid Of Your Bathtub?

Bathroom remodeling companies can make many changes to your current bathroom configuration, but one of the more controversial changes is removing the bathtub from your home. Generally, this is not recommended for people who plan to sell their homes, as many buyers prefer a bathtub, especially for family residences.

However, there are some compelling reasons that you might want to do so that can bring specific benefits, including:

Bathroom Remodeling Companies Thoughts On Small Bathrooms

Some homes have very small bathroom spaces, and it’s not unusual, especially for people with a half-bath situation, to be overly ambitious with squeezing a bathtub in. If you find yourself in a home situation where you have a smaller than comfortable bathroom space that requires some struggle and gymnastics or contortions to get into the bathtub, then from a usability viewpoint, it may be a more comfortable solution to go with a bigger shower stall, rather than a small, uncomfortable tub.

This is also a better idea for half-baths, which are always intended to be smaller anyway, and a bathtub is overly ambitious in these situations.


Another reason to remove a bathtub is if mobility is becoming an issue. People who get into accidents or suffer illnesses that require wheelchair use find bathtubs to be an enormous inconvenience and, in some cases, even a safety issue.

Installing a shower stall, especially one with accessibility features, can accommodate the mobility needs of both those who are disabled or senior residents that would experience great difficulty in the sitting and standing actions required for a bathtub. This allows people who might have otherwise been forced to find new accommodations to remain in a familiar setting and still enjoy some independence at home without always relying on caregivers for daily activities.

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