Should You Install A Bidet In Your Bathroom?

Bathroom Remodel Contractor: Should You Install A Bidet?

While it has very much been a design trend for many years in parts of Asia and Europe, the bidet is a water fixture that hasn’t had much of a place in America. However, with globalization and more cultural diversity, this is changing, and more Americans are having bidets added when they work with a bathroom remodel contractor on an upgrade.

What’s A Bidet?

A bidet is a specialized form of toilet and water faucet that sends a spray of pressurized water into the air. This water is generally aimed at the anal area when someone sits down at a toilet with a bidet function or a dedicated bidet separate from a toilet.

Depending on how comprehensive a system is, bidets can even come with hand spray attachments similar to a garden hose or detachable showerhead. All of these serve the same function, allowing a person to clean their underside after using the toilet.

The Benefits

There are two primary benefits to using a bidet. These are:

Toilet Paper Savings

While it may take some getting used to, the primary function of a bidet is to eliminate the need for toilet paper. Instead of using toilet paper to wipe yourself after toilet use, the bidet rinses you off. This is usually done with warm water and, in many respects, can be cleaner and more thorough than conventional toilet paper. This is especially true during bouts of illness such as diarrhea.

Money Savings

Regular use of a bidet eliminates the need for toilet paper, which has a domino effect on other home expenditures. Bidet usage eliminates the need for hoarding toilet paper, especially during panic buying sprees, but it also means a lower water bill. Depending on how much toilet paper is used and how many flushes a household goes through to get rid of toilet paper, bidet usage consumes far less water than multiple flushes for toilet paper.

It’s a handy addition if you want to talk to your bathroom remodel contractor about it.