Should You Install A Garbage Disposal?

Kitchen Remodels - Should You Install A Garbage Disposal?

If you’re getting a complete overhaul of your kitchen, you’re probably looking at a lot of new additions that your kitchen never had before. Maybe it’s time for that big gas stove or a new smart fridge. Maybe you’re upgrading your sink, and you might even be thinking about installing a garbage disposal in it. But should you during kitchen remodels?

The answer to this question depends on whether you respect the limitations of garbage disposal because, surprisingly, it is not a universal answer to all your food refuse needs.

Small Food Is Okay

If you’re just planning to get rid of small fish and chicken bones, or a small number of coffee grounds, or even small bits of vegetables, this is fine. Size is a big limiter for a garbage disposal, so smaller particles, such as bread, bread crumbs and even small bits of egg shells are all okay to put down the sink. Larger items, however, such as steak or pork bones, are too much for such a unit to handle.

Texture Matters Too In Kitchen Remodels

In addition to very large pieces of food, certain types and textures of food are also unsuitable for a garbage disposal. Rice, despite being small, is not a good fit, and neither is pasta. Large fruit and vegetable skins are also not recommended. Even seafood or coffee beans are a bad idea.
One of the reasons for these limitations is safety and comfort. Bones put into a garbage disposal aren’t safe, and too many different kinds of foods dropped in will create a smell that lingers in the sink. Once that smell gets too strong, everyone in the house will notice. Another thing you should not put in the garbage disposal is grease, like from bacon. This is not only bad for the garbage disposal; it can be very damaging to the plumbing as well. Over time, too much oil or grease in pipes may require a plumber to address.