Should You Install A Kitchen Island?

Kitchen Remodeling Companies: Should You Install An Island?

Getting a kitchen upgrade is a pretty major investment, and you get the best results when you work with experienced, professional kitchen remodeling companies. For some, one of the big hopes is to transform an older kitchen space and perhaps finally have a kitchen island in the middle of this room.

But is this a good idea? What kind of kitchen should you have to be able to comfortably and practically enjoy the use of a kitchen island?

The Space Issue

The first and biggest factor you must consider before working with kitchen remodeling companies is available space. As a general rule of thumb, bigger kitchens accommodate a kitchen island better. If your kitchen space is less than 13’ wide, it’s typically recommended that you don’t install an island kitchen at all.

It’s recommended that for general utility, an island kitchen should have 42-48” of open space all around. This allows for easy movement within the kitchen, even when carrying things. This is a critical consideration; a kitchen island should not block traffic in the kitchen. Its purpose is to help, not obstruct, kitchen activities. On the other hand, the island should not be too small either, or it loses its usefulness. At a minimum, kitchen islands should be four feet long and two feet wide. Anything less than this and value to a kitchen comes into question.


How the kitchen island comes into play in your kitchen is an extension of what you want to do with it. A kitchen island can be a multipurpose element of your kitchen. It can be used for storage; it can be a prep station; it can be used for washing, actual cooking, or even just serving and eating food. These functions can also be mixed and matched depending on the size of the kitchen island itself.

So the kind of functionality you want can help determine the suitability of a kitchen island. Food preparation and serving, for example, provide a wide, utilitarian space that can be used for many things, including homework or home office duties when the kitchen is not in use, further adding to its usefulness. Think carefully about what role you want an island kitchen to play because while it can perform many tasks, it should only do some.

Plumbing & Electricity

Another increasingly popular option that kitchen remodeling companies are building into kitchen islands is installing plumbing and even electrical outlets. If a kitchen island is also heavily used for food preparation, adding a sink boosts the convenience even further.

However, today’s modern life increasingly relies on electronic devices like phones, tablets, and even wireless speakers for music. Electrical outlets are important for recharging or even bringing over other kitchen appliances you may need to occasionally use, such as Instant Pots or rice cookers. The presence of electrical outlets on the kitchen island means these appliances can continue to be used.

If you want to work with of the best, most experienced kitchen remodeling companies to get the kitchen island you’ve always wanted, contact us today.