Should You Install Heating In Your Bathroom Floor?

Bathroom Remodeling In Maryland: Heating In Your Bathroom Floor?

Anyone getting bathroom remodeling in Maryland done will be carefully looking at the budget for this. However, if this is your dream home, and you want to enjoy premium features in it, there’s one addition many consider luxurious but decadent. Is a heated bathroom floor right for you?

How It Works

Make no mistake, this will add to the total cost of any bathroom remodeling in Maryland. A heated bathroom floor operates in two ways, both of which use “radiant heat” systems. There is the water system, where water is heated up and radiates that heat into the floor tiles. Then there is the wired system where circuits are heated up, radiating their heat into the floor tiles.

Regardless of which system is used, the result is the same, with heat equally distributed throughout the room. If you don’t wear slippers into the bathroom or just can’t stand the feeling of cold tile, heated bathroom floors take care of that problem.

The Considerations During Your Bathroom Remodeling In Maryland

Getting a heated bathroom floor is best done when you’re having bathroom remodeling in Maryland done in your home. Adding in a heated bathroom floor to an existing bathroom will add an inch and a half to the structure already in place. This can make for some tripping issues if you’re not careful. However, if a new floor is being built, the added height can be compensated for during construction.

There’s also a matter of cost. The electric wiring solution costs less up front but may require some additional repair or maintenance in the future. The water or “hydronic” floor warming solution costs more up front and tends to be more reliable in the long run, requiring little or no additional maintenance costs.

Regardless of which choice you make, two things are certain. Despite the added cost, you will enjoy a more comfortable bathroom experience, and this kind of addition often adds to your property value and resale appeal.