Should You Move Your Plumbing?

Home Improvement Contractors In Maryland And Your Plumbing

If you’re working with home improvement contractors in Maryland on a project like remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, there’s one important question you should consider. Is there a need to move the plumbing? This is a complex question that depends on many variables, but here are the ones you should consider.

The Cost Is Significant

This decision should never be taken lightly because whether it is the kitchen or the bathroom, building out new plumbing to a different location is always a major undertaking. Depending on the extent of the move, new plumbing may require demolishing the floor, walls, or both.

This isn’t as simple as painting the walls or replacing an old fridge with a new one. When you relocate a water fixture such as a sink or bathtub, a lot of work is involved. Be prepared to add significant money to your remodeling budget if moving water fixtures are concerned.

Your Plumbing Is Too Old

In some cases, it may be a good idea, even if you didn’t initially plan to move the plumbing, to have it done anyway because of the age of the pipes in a home. Some homes are over a century old and still have their original plumbing, such as cast iron drainpipes, or lead water pipes.

Even when old plumbing is still functioning, replacing it with modern materials is a good idea. Cast iron, while solid, won’t last forever, and if it’s close to or over a century old, it doesn’t have much more life left in it. Replacing it now means you won’t have to tear down walls and floors later to get at a break in the drain pipe, for example. On the other hand, lead water pipes, even if they function perfectly, present a health risk, especially for children. Modernizing older pipes can make your home safer and raise your property value.

You’re Doing A Major Upgrade

Depending on the scope of your remodeling, getting home improvement contractors in Maryland to move your plumbing may be an important investment. For example, if you are moving into a home with a small kitchen, and you’d like to tear down the wall and turn the kitchen/dining room division into one large kitchen, you’ll most likely need to move the plumbing or get some new plumbing built in, especially if you want an island counter with a sink and a drain as part of the new project.

Conversely, if you plan to expand your bathroom potential, new plumbing is necessary. Many homeowners see the convenience and added property value of the home in a new half-bathroom somewhere in the house, and this can be great for minimizing people waiting in the morning to use the bathroom before going to work or school. However, adding a new bathroom invariably means new plumbing will need to be built wherever the new half-bath goes. Even deciding to invest in a premium item like a luxury waterjet bathtub for the master bathroom may require new plumbing if the bathroom is being expanded.

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