Should You Remodel With Devices In Mind?

Should You Remodel With Devices In Mind?

Kitchen remodeling usually involves people putting a lot of time and planning into counter placement, getting new cabinets, and, of course, looking at the big ticket items, like new sinks, a stove, and maybe even a hood and blower. However, if you’re remodeling your kitchen for yourself, there’s another factor you might want to think about; your own devices.

You Use A Lot Of Stuff

These days, the average 21st-century homeowner doesn’t just cook with a stove and oven. A microwave oven is a constant companion in most kitchens today, for example. It’s also not unusual for homeowners to have a huge array of kitchen devices, from the now incredibly popular Instant Pot, the ever-present rice cooker in many Asian homes, to a smaller toaster oven. There may even be a new air fryer for people that want to enjoy crispy foods without all the grease.

All of these devices are very useful and can create some wonderful food in the kitchen. However, they also take up much space. One easy solution is to pack them away in cabinet spaces when not in use, but if they are used frequently, there’s a lot of hassle in always taking them out and putting them away again.

On the other hand, if you simply leave them sitting on countertops and take advantage of them as and when needed, you may be losing some available “real estate” for food preparation.

Plan Out Your Kitchen

If you find that you use certain devices regularly, such as a rice cooker, several times a week, or an air fryer, then take this into account! This is, after all, going to be your kitchen. You can get your kitchen remodeling done to meet your exact, specific needs in this space.

Take an accounting of how your normal cooking experience in the kitchen goes. Find the devices that you want to always be easily accessible, at the ready, so you don’t have to dig them out from some space, place them where they can be used and plug them in. Explain your needs to the kitchen remodeling expert, so that these needs can be taken into account at the planning stage.

Given the right amount of input, and knowing what your kitchen usage priorities are, you should be able to communicate to your remodeler what kind of experience you want to have, and how that experience can be enhanced with better access to the tools you want to use.