Should You Split Your Remodeling Or Do It All At Once?

Bowie Kitchens And Baths: Split Your Remodeling Or Do It All At Once?

If you’ve decided that it’s time for Bowie kitchens and baths renovation in your home, this is always a good investment. Not only does it make your home more truly your own, but it also adds value to your property in the event you ever decide to sell.

However, remodeling Bowie kitchens and baths, especially if you’re planning both, can quite an extensive job. You’ve got two choices in this case, getting all of it done at the same time or doing it in phases with different rooms at different periods. Which is best for you?

Getting Your Bowie Kitchens And Baths Remodeling Done All At Once

Pro: You’ll never have to worry about getting more work done again. Doing as much as possible in the shortest timeframe costs more upfront than splitting the job. Still, it may ultimately cost less than the total expenditure of two separate jobs at later dates, especially if the same company is doing the work for both rooms.

Con: A lot of inconveniences if you’ve already taken up residence in the home when the work is being done. Water will need to be shut off while bathrooms and kitchens are remodeled, especially if new pipes have to be built in, or water fixtures are moved.

Breaking It Up

Pro: Depending on how much you break it up, this can be far less intrusive. Getting cabinets or counters replaced, for example, doesn’t require water getting shut off. In the case of a new toilet or sink, the downtime isn’t very long at all.

Con: The cost will go up with jobs done at different times, sometimes by additional tens of thousands of dollars. There may also be issues with an inconsistent look. For example, if you like your kitchen tile, and wanted the same tile for your bathroom, it may no longer be available for purchase.

Different circumstances will work for other homeowners. Find the arrangement that works for you.