Should Your Bathroom Have A Medicine Cabinet?

Bathroom Improvement: Should You Have A Medicine Cabinet?

Many people who grew up in American homes have childhood memories of their parents storing all the medicine in the bathroom, often in a combination of vanity mirror and cabinet called the medicine cabinet. But just because this was often a tradition in American homes, it doesn’t mean it’s a tradition you have to carry on within your own residence. So if you’re going ahead with a bathroom improvement project, do you still want or need a medicine cabinet in your bathroom?

Not Recommended For Medicine

Even though we still refer to this storage unit as a “medicine cabinet,” in some instances, this is not the best place to store actual medicine. If your medicine has specific temperature or humidity requirements, such as not being too moist or too warm, then the elevated temperature and humidity levels of a regularly used bathroom may compromise the efficacy of medications.

However, medicine cabinets can still be integral to bathroom usage for other items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, eye drops, and many other things that would normally be used in a bathroom and might clutter up counter space.

More Options

Today’s bathroom improvement techniques give homeowners many more options for medicine cabinets that can make them both more useful and even attractive in the bathroom. Depending on your preferences and budget, it’s possible to recess these cabinets into the wall to make them stand out less.

There are also many more styles and configurations to choose from, giving homeowners more choices for how they would like their bathroom to look. While medicine cabinets are utilitarian in purpose, that doesn’t mean homeowners have to sacrifice looks for functionality. Look at your needs and budget; you’ll find many choices available if you decide to install a medicine cabinet.

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