Signs Of A Potential Shower Pan Failure

Signs Of A Potential Shower Pan Failure

Many homes, old and new alike, have tile showers in the master, guest, or another bathroom. Some designs are plain, while others are more extravagant and feature built-in benches, soap dishes, or different accessories. Body sprays, rain heads, and digital controls are a few of the highlights that newer showers offer. Regardless of the style, the stalls are ideal for cleansing a person’s skin and leaving them feeling refreshed. However, a pan lies beneath the tile, and if a problem occurs, the property can sustain costly damages.

For example, if a shower leaks, it can ruin drywall, paint, and even personal belongings. Additionally, it can also cause wood floors to buckle, structural lumber to rot, and a host of different issues. Your home is a long-term, expensive investment, so don’t leave anything to chance. Instead, if you suspect a leak, give our plumbing company a call to test the shower pan and repair or replace the equipment as necessary. The drain must be blocked off, and the base of the shower filled with water for the examination.


Possible Signs Of A Shower Pan Leak


1. Stains

When water is escaping from the pan, it is not uncommon for stains to present themselves on drywall. These blemishes can be noticed on ceilings or walls, depending on the location of the shower. The sheetrock might also have a bulky, saggy appearance, especially when it is overhead. Another tell-tale sign of a leak is bubbling or cracking paint.

2. Mold Or Mildew Along The Outside Brick Ledge

If the shower with a leak is on the first floor of a slab home, the water has no choice but to escape somewhere. The liquid sometimes appears on the bathroom floor, but more often than not, it seeps out along the outer brick ledge. Unfortunately, the flow is not always easy to detect, and homeowners may not even see the problem before a substantial amount of damage has already happened. So, check for signs of black or green discoloration around the slab to catch the issue early on.

3. Visible Water

On occasion, a shower pan leak can be quite significant. If you turn on the faucet only to see water pouring out from a crevice nearby, avoid using the unit until a plumber has inspected the situation thoroughly. The problem may be from the fixture, pan, or drain.

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