Signs Your Plumbing Needs An Overhaul

Signs Your Plumbing Needs An Overhaul

Your plumbing system experiences substantial wear and tear throughout the life of your home. You may not notice it, but your plumbing is one of your home’s single most used fixtures. Each time you flush a toilet, run a sink, or use a drain, you’re making use of a complex system hidden delicately under sinks and behind walls of your home. As with any other fixture in your home, your plumbing will reach a point where plumbing services are needed, especially those that give your plumbing a fresh makeover to continue running smoothly for years to come.

There are a number of things you can look for to determine if plumbing services are needed in your remodel, and some of these are:

• Your hardware is growing outdated or faulty – If you can’t clean the hard water stains off of the sink or the showerhead, or you’re spotting rust, it’s time to give your plumbing a makeover. Plumbing services with Cardigan can ensure you get the new and clean fixtures you need for a beautiful and healthy bathroom or kitchen.

• You notice dripping – If you fill the tub and notice water on the floor, or there is that telltale drip in your kitchen sink, it’s time for plumbing services and a full plumbing upgrade for your kitchen or bathroom. Dripping may seem innocuous, but it’s not normal, and it could be signaling a much larger plumbing failure coming later down the road.

• Poor water quality – Your water should be clear, and it shouldn’t have any strange odor when it comes out of the shower or the tap. Poor water quality could be signaling a larger issue present in your pipes or inside of your fixtures.

• You spot mold – If a mold growth problem is what is inspiring you to remodel your bathroom or kitchen, the real problem may lie in the plumbing. Plumbing services can take care of any leaks or drips that contribute to the growth of mold over time.

Our plumbing services at Cardigan take care to make sure your remodel is a full remodel, and this includes updating any plumbing that is required in your home. If you notice any of these plumbing issues in your kitchen or bathroom, call us at Cardigan to inquire about our remodeling and plumbing services today.