Six Kitchen Features Perfect For Entertaining

Six Kitchen Features Perfect For Entertaining

If you love hosting dinner parties for your friends and family, you need a kitchen designed to facilitate entertaining. Beyond styling your kitchen to be warm and inviting, our experts can help you install features to make it really functional for entertaining. Here are six kitchen features we recommend if you love to have people over:


1. Prep Sink


Prep sinks are great for entertaining because they create a second cooking station. Guests can help out in the kitchen without being in your way. Also, prep sinks are great for wet bar purposes. Guests can use the prep sink to fill their water glasses, without have to go to the clean up sink.


2. Warming Drawer


Working out the perfect timing for all of your dishes to be served at the same time still warm is extremely difficult, even for professional chefs. A warming drawer can help keep all your dishes warm until serving time.


3. Seating


Seating along a kitchen island or a bar can help you entertain your guests while you still cook. Seating is very inviting and encourages people to come and sit and chat while you put the finishing touches on the meal.


4. Drink Fridge


A drink fridge is ideal for entertaining. Whether you add a dedicated wine fridge or just a smaller fridge to house all the drinks, directing guests to a separate fridge has a ton of benefits. First, it will keep them out of your workspace. Then you won’t have to worry about having your main refrigerator spotless. Finally, you won’t have to worry about using too much energy from the fridge compensating from the door being constantly opened and closed.


5. Dual Dishwashers


Though generally a luxury, if you have a really large family, dual dishwashers can be a must-have in an entertaining kitchen. Dual dishwashers can help you keep the space clean and lets you end the night without a large stack of dishes to get through before bedtime.


6. Large Pantry


Finally, with lots of entertaining, you’ll need lots of storage space to hold all your food, cooking supplies, and extra dishes. A large pantry, whether a walk-in pantry, butler’s closet, or just a large pantry cabinet, can ensure you have plenty of storage.

All of these features can make entertaining even better. With the help of the design experts at Cardigan Kitchens and Baths, we can create a kitchen layout with all of these features and more to help make your kitchen the place to be. Call our design experts today to learn more!