Small Kitchens Benefit From Renovations Too

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors: Small Kitchen Renovations

Usually, when people watch TV programs about homes getting work done by kitchen remodeling contractors, they show off large, spacious kitchens. However, not everyone’s house is like that, nor should they be. There are plenty of smaller homes with smaller kitchens where the typical massive, open-concept kitchen is impossible, and that’s fine.

If you’re working with kitchen remodeling contractors to renovate your small kitchen, here are some things you need to remember during this project.

Counters Are Everything

Perhaps even more than in larger kitchens, planning around countertops is crucial for small kitchens. You have less space to work with, so you need to make this count. If you’re really serious about optimizing your small kitchen space, you need to look at the current counter layout and see if there are ways to improve it for either workflow or space purposes.

With a little planning, installing an island counter in a small kitchen may even be possible, provided you plan your new layout intelligently.

You Can Downsize Appliances

Just because your original small kitchen space came with a 24” stove/range, that doesn’t mean you have to keep it that way. Today, there are many more options for more compact appliances. Under the sink dishwashers, 18” stoves, and even smaller refrigerators are all ways that you can reclaim more space in a smaller kitchen.

Look carefully at just how much space is currently occupied by appliances in your kitchen, and ask yourself if you really need those appliances to be as large as they now are.

Get Tall Cabinets

One way to increase storage space without going out of bounds is to consider redesigning the cabinet layout for a taller configuration. If you have no issues using step-ladders or other assists, you can give yourself much more storage space to work with without necessarily increasing the “real estate” of cabinets spreading horizontally throughout the kitchen.

This depends greatly on the kitchen layout, so look and measure carefully when discussing this option with kitchen remodeling contractors.

Rethink Electricity With Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

One of the smartest ways to use kitchen space effectively is to make better use of newer, smaller appliances, such as a microwave oven mounted under a cabinet, to keep countertop space clear. However, as you rely on more new appliances or even kitchen gadgets that can be pulled from storage, used, and then put away again, you need to think about having enough power outlets to keep you going.

The last thing you want is for your plans in the kitchen to be disrupted by not having enough power for all the appliances you plan to use. Older, smaller kitchens aren’t generous with electrical outlets, so if this is a major overhaul of the kitchen space, consider installing more outlets. This can make a huge difference for modern, 21st-century kitchen needs, especially regarding recharging devices, plugging in others like laptops, or just using more appliances.

If you need kitchen remodeling contractors for your kitchen project, whether big or small, contact us today. We can take your kitchen and make it much more beautiful and optimal for use.