Smaller Kitchens Need Smart Renovations

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors: Small Kitchens Need Smart Renovations

Smaller kitchens can benefit just as much from the work of experienced kitchen remodeling contractors as larger spaces, but in this case, there’s a greater need for economic and intelligent use of the area. Not every home or condominium can have an expansive kitchen, but that doesn’t mean the kitchen can’t be great.

If you’ve got a smaller kitchen, here are some of the remodeling tips you might want to consider when it’s time to improve it with the help of kitchen remodeling contractors.

Get Rid Of Cabinets With Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

While cabinets are often considered mandatory in kitchens, the mandatory concept comes from the need for storage space rather than the form factor itself. Cabinets take up a lot of space and consume large volumes of the wall, making small spaces feel even smaller and more cramped.

Shelves, however, alleviate this. They provide easy access to kitchen items wanted, and they don’t consume the same amount of space as cabinets.

Use Smaller Appliances

Small spaces should have smaller tools. You may not need an eight-burner stove if you’re not doing much elaborate cooking. In the same way, an apartment or home with only two people living in it might not need a massive fridge and freezer combination capable of storing enough food for a family of 8-10.

By choosing to install smaller appliances, you get back more space for the kitchen.

Use Glass & Mirrors

Another way to effectively create a greater sense of space is through the use of glass and mirrors. Windows, for example, always add a sense of volume by allowing daylight and a view to come through. However, adding mirrored backsplashes or other mirrored accents is always a cost-effective way to create a greater sense of openness.

The use of mirrors to create a feeling of more space is a time-honored design trick and works very well with the double function of protecting water and other liquids.

Play With Lighting

While a single overhead light can get the job done in a minimal way, It can also contribute to a feeling of claustrophobia. Good lighting can make even a smaller space feel more inviting and less crowded. Recessed lights, pendant lighting, and other techniques can all reduce the feeling of tightness and closure that a single overhead source can produce.

Color Matters

The paint used for the walls will also play a big role in how people feel when they enter a smaller kitchen. Stark white is not always the best way to create a sense of spaciousness, and judicious use of some lighter colors can go a long way toward helping a space feel, if not more spacious, at least more inviting.

In the same way, using different materials can also help to break up a sense of claustrophobia that may come from having a uniform color scheme. Contrasting countertops, floors, walls, and even shelves or cabinets with differently colored materials can make a big difference.

It doesn’t matter whether your kitchen is small; you can still make it appealing when you make the right choices and work with the right experienced kitchen remodeling contractors. If you want us to work with you, contact us today.