Sometimes The Small Details Make The Biggest Difference

Home Improvement Contractors In Maryland And Small Details

When you’re working with home improvement contractors in Maryland on a project as extensive as a kitchen remodel, it’s easy to get caught up in the big-ticket items. Getting new cabinets, picking out new appliances, or deciding on a new countertop is all big, meaningful choices to make. But don’t forget the little things that can sometimes be the biggest bonuses in improving your kitchen quality of life.

Counter Lighting

This is often forgotten or even unknown until you see someone else’s kitchen. Lighting is no longer confined to large or small light bulbs. LED technology means light sources can easily be installed anywhere. One of the best places to do this is directly under cabinets so that a clear, unobstructed light source falls on the counter itself during meal preparation.

If the light comes from a single ceiling source, shadows can sometimes obscure what’s being worked on the countertops. Cabinet or counter lighting eliminates this problem.

Cabinet Dividers

Cabinets are essentially “shelves with doors,” so you can do a lot more than just have some wide-open space. With cabinet dividers, you can often store even more as stacking becomes more efficient. While this may not always be necessary to keep dishes and other dining ware, food/pantry storage greatly benefits from added dividers.

Pantry Pullout

Another great convenience and time saver is enhancing a cabinet to become a “pantry pullout shelf.” This essentially adds a drawer-like function to a cabinet in that it can easily slide out on tracks. For people who store many seasonings, spices, and other dry goods, this means easy access to any ingredient you need without having to fumble to the back of the cabinet to get it. Just pick and pull.

Always remember to think about these features as you work with home improvement contractors in Maryland. They may not be big, but they can make a huge difference.