Space Saver: A Custom Hutch For Any Room

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At Cardigan, we do more than just kitchens and bathrooms, and we can help to design a custom hutch that can be used in any area of the home. While hutches are particularly popular in kitchens and dining rooms, they can also be used to work as book cases and entertainment centers to free up space in your home and provide a warm aesthetic appeal to work with any style.


In your living room, you may not realize just how much space your free-standing entertainment center takes up, and this is space that can be freed up when you incorporate a hutch-type entertainment center instead. These entertainment centers are built into the wall of your choice in your living room area, and they allow all of your gaming, television, or other home entertainment system pieces to be kept in one area for ease of storing and ease of use. No longer will you need to deal with a plethora of cords, cables, and different means of storage, as everything you require can be kept in your custom built entertainment center for optimal convenience.


In dining rooms, these hutches also work wonders, and they help to free-up cabinet space for a more streamlined kitchen. Your dishware can be stored easily right where you are taking your meals, and keeping your different sets organized can become easier than ever. Are you having a dinner party or important company coming over? You can even keep your fine china pieces safe and ready to use right there in your custom hutch, so entertaining becomes a breeze!


Books can be notoriously difficult to store, and for those who love to read, finding a place to store all of your favorite books can be something of a challenge. Along with hutches and entertainment centers, we at Cardigan can even help you to design your own personal library, as we build bookcases for you to store even the largest collections. With a bookcase, finding your favorites is also made easy, as your entire collection can be kept organized and all in one place, rather than strewn about the house in whatever areas you happen to find room!


If you are looking to free up a little space, while gaining organization and style in the process, call us at Cardigan today to learn more about our custom built hutches, entertainment centers, and bookcases!

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