Space Saving Bathroom Design

Space Saving Bathroom Design

If you are faced with a smaller bathroom space but do not want to sacrifice style, design, or functionality, there are a few things you can do to create a space saving bathroom design that you can proudly show off.

Wall Mounted Toilets

Wall mounted toilets are one way you can save some space in a smaller bathroom. You will free up space beneath the toilet, and when it is paired with a pedestal sink, you maximize the amount of floor space you have available and can help make the room appear a bit larger.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors, otherwise known as pocket doors, are installed to help save room that is lost if you are using a traditional door that swings open and close. A pocket door slides into the wall, so you are saving that amount of floor space.


Finding shelves that can be custom fit to the space are a good way to maximize the room you have available without sacrificing the essentials you need. Shelves free up floor space and offer additional storage that can be placed above the toilet. The shelves can hold extra towels, soap, or other toiletries you may need and will remain clean and organized.

Instead of shelving, you can also hang storage baskets on the wall, or you can install a small ledge above the sink and underneath the mirror; this is especially helpful if you only have a pedestal sink and do not have any counter space to use.

Other Space Saving Options

A few other smaller ways to maximize space, especially if you lack counter space, include mason jar toiletry holders to hang on the wall, a wall mounted toothbrush holder, over the toilet storage, over the door hooks, and an above the door shelf to help declutter the bathroom and store essentials you will need up and out of the way.

No matter what the size of your bathroom is, you can definitely take advantage of all these options to help maximize space and improve the functionality of your smaller bathroom. Never sacrifice functionality and style just because you have a smaller space to work with.

These tips can also be applied in other areas of the home where you are faced with limited space including the kitchen. Before tackling your next bathroom remodel, consider the many storage solutions that are available to create a space saving bathroom design that is both functional and beautiful.