Which Style Of Toilet Is Right For Your Maryland Remodel

Which Style Of Toilet Is Right For Your Maryland Remodel

Advantages Of One Piece Toilets

There are two major advantages of one piece toilets in a residential setting. The first being that there are fewer places for leaks to occur, and secondly cleaning is easier for home owners. Toilet manufacturers fuse the tank and bowl together, to form a single cohesive unit. A two piece toilet comes in two separate pieces, the tank and the bowl, which usually connect with brass bolts and a rubber gasket. These added pieces increase the chances for leaks to occur.

Many of the designs of one piece toilets are easier to keep clean, than two piece toilets. Dirt, bacteria, and grime have less places to accumulate. Cleaning the bathroom is never the highlight of anyone’s day, but being able to do it easier is always a plus. In two piece toilet applications, grime, can often accumulate where the tank and bowl meet, which can make the task of cleaning seem impossible at times.

Advantages Of Two Piece Toilets

It is often much cheaper to have a two piece toilet installed. Firstly, two piece toilets are much cheaper than one piece units. Also, the installation process is much simpler. Often two people are required to install a one piece toilet, while one can typically install a two piece toilet alone. Many Maryland residents, as well as other residents around the nation, choose two piece toilets due to cost, which is why this is a major advantage of having a two piece toilet installed.

All things man-made eventually wear out, and toilet parts are no different. In many instances, one piece toilets require specific parts, designed specifically for them. Often, these parts must be ordered, causing the repair to become delayed. Two piece toilet parts can usually be found at any plumbing supply, and they are often stocked in the plumbers vehicle.

We Can Help You Choose The Perfect Toilet

Our plumbers are knowledgeable on all aspects of toilets. They can walk you through the installation process, and they can provide you with relevant information for choosing the perfect toilet. We have been helping residents of Crofton, and surrounding areas, choose the right toilet since 1971, and we hope to help you too. Regardless of which style of toilet is right for you, the main thing to keep in mind is, does it flush properly. We can inform you of these aspects as well because flushing more than once is unacceptable.

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