Take Advantage Of Premium Cabinet Features

Contractor Kitchen Cabinets: Take Advantage Of Premium Features

Anyone who’s done even a little bit of homework on the topic quickly realizes that contractor kitchen cabinets are the most expensive big-ticket item on the list. The primary reason is that they occupy so much “real estate” in the kitchen, but the other is that you can do more with these cabinets if you’ve got some imagination and specific needs and are willing to spend a bit more. Here are some extra features to consider.

Mixer Stand-Lift

Some kitchen users do a lot of baking and have a large, premium mixer. They simply keep the mixer out and on the counter all the time. However, others need the counter space, so even though a mixer is frequently used, it’s a lot of hassle to bring it out of a cabinet and put it back in.

One solution to this is a dedicated mixer stand and lift. Just choose where you want to use your mixer, and then build the stand-lift into that cabinet. Now, users can pull the mixer with its own dedicated space and push it back in.

Pet Bowl Storage

Most families with pets choose to feed their pets in the kitchen. This makes a lot of sense, as the kitchen tile floor makes it easy to clean any messes with food or water, compared to carpeting, for example. However, leaving the bowls out when not in use can be unsightly.

It’s possible to create dedicated drawers near the floor that can be used either as permanent housing for pet food bowls or as temporary storage for when guests arrive. This makes it much easier to store and can even help contain messes. For homeowners who don’t like how unsightly pet food bowls may appear, this is a perfect solution to keep the kitchen looking neater for the majority of the day.

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