Taking Care Of Your Ceramic Tile

One of the things we do most during our remodelings at Cardigan is installing new tile into the kitchen, bathroom, or other areas of the home. Ceramic tile is a type of tile that can provide aesthetic beauty as well as years of function if it is cared for properly, and taking the best care of your ceramic tile will help to ensure it endures a well-loved life. One of the best aspects of ceramic tile is that it is practically maintenance free, aside from the regular cleaning it will require, making this one of the easiest tile options for homeowners everywhere.


The best steps to take when cleaning your ceramic tile are:


  1. Regular sweeping – Sweeping will get all of the loose debris from the surface of your tile, and leave it fresh and ready for the deeper cleaning to come. When sweeping your tile, this can be done with a broom, rag, dust brush and pan, or hard-flooring vacuum, and no matter the method you choose, you’ll be able to sweep away all of the dust and dirt which accumulates on your tile’s surface. These regular sweepings are recommended around once per week, but they may increase if your tiled area sees extra traffic.
  2. Clean with vinegar – Vinegar is an inexpensive and highly effective tile floor cleaner, and all you would need to do is mix around 1 gallon of water per each 1 cup of white vinegar used. For this, it is recommended to use hot or warm water to ensure cleaning goes more smoothly, and the water to vinegar amounts may need to be adjusted depending on just how large the tiled area may be. Like sweeping, these cleanings are recommended once per week for optimal efficiency, but this may be required more often should your floor see more traffic.
  3. Cleaning with floor cleaner – It is possible to find floor cleaners made for ceramic tile if you’d prefer to not use white vinegar, but one should always make sure their cleaner is suitable for ceramic before placing it on their floors.
  4. Cleaning grout – The grout is the area that separates each tile, and this can be tough to clean with a typical mop and bucket routine. When cleaning grout, we recommend using baking soda and a damp nylon brush to scrub away any dirt or debris that may get stuck in this grout area.


At Cardigan, we install ceramic tile in all areas of the home, and we know all about how long this type of tile can last with the right care. If you’re thinking of having ceramic tile installed in your home, call us today to see what we can do for you!

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