The 3 Types Of Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets Contractors And 3 Types Of Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets contractors are essential to any major kitchen remodeling project. Cabinets are the most prominent “face” of any kitchen upgrade, but despite the generic term for them, there is more than one type of cabinet. When you’re looking at your kitchen upgrade, think about which of these three types will be of most use to you for your kitchen needs.

Base Cabinets

These are the cabinets that sit on the floor and provide the supporting structure for your countertops. Base cabinets are easier to reach for children due to their lower height but can also be more difficult for adults if there are any mobility issues to consider. They can also be tricky if there are disability considerations, such as a resident using a walker or wheelchair.

Larger items like pots, pans, or food items like canned goods are often stored in base cabinets.

Wall Cabinets

These are the cabinets that hang over the countertops and typically take up huge amounts of the wall in a kitchen. Wall cabinets often play a significant role in defining the look of a kitchen, so color and texture selection is crucial for the image-conscious.

Because they are hanging from the wall, lighter food items and cooking equipment are stored here. It’s also possible to plan and adjust for height needs ahead of time. If you’re having these cabinets installed for your personal use and not for property resale, you can set the height to something convenient for you.

Tall Cabinets

Not as ubiquitous in homes as the other two, tall cabinets can be beneficial. As the name implies, these typically are set on the floor but rise to a height of anywhere from 85”-95”. A pantry is the most common use for these cabinets, designed primarily for ease of storage and retrieval of food items, raw ingredients, spices, and seasonings.

If you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen start talking to experienced kitchen cabinets contractors about your options.