The 4 Stages Of A Kitchen Remodel In Maryland

The 4 Stages Of A Kitchen Remodel In Maryland

If you’ve never had a kitchen remodel in Maryland before, you’re probably curious about what the process is really like. The standard procedure will be completed in four phases. Let’s take a look at each one:

    1. The Design Phase – This is the initial stage, and it’s where you first meet your kitchen remodeling contractor. You’ll go over your current kitchen layout and what your dream one looks like. You’ll work together to come up with a plan that turns your current kitchen into the cooking area of your dreams.

Combining your design ideas and their expertise, your kitchen remodeling professional will design a new space that fits seamlessly into your style and your home.

    2. Permits And Materials – This phase comes after you’ve finalized your new kitchen design. If your kitchen remodeling contractor requires any rerouting of electrical work or plumbing, certain permits may be required before the project is able to go forward.

Most contractors will take care of this. Additionally, this is when your professional remodeler will source and order the materials to be used in your remodel project.

    3. Demolition – The demolition phase is when it starts getting exciting. This only lasts a few days at most (in most cases), and it involves dismantling your current kitchen to make room for your new one.

Cabinetry will be removed, islands or walls will be taken down, and flooring will be ripped up so your entire kitchen will become a clean, blank slate.

    4. Construction – Finally, this phase is when everything starts coming together. Your bare slate kitchen will be turned into your dream kitchen as your remodeling team works to install new cabinets, lay down new countertops, and build backsplashes.

The remodeling professionals will also take care of flooring and painting and will complete any other steps that may be involved in your remodel. Once the construction phase is through, the result is the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

No two kitchen remodels in Maryland will be exactly alike, but most can expect this process to last about 8 weeks from the start of the design phase to the completed project.

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