The Basics Can Be Crucial

Bathroom And Kitchen Remodeling: The Basics Can Be Crucial

Most homeowners considering bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects have their eyes set on the “big ticket items” that often make a big, visible difference, such as a luxury whirlpool tub or new cabinets and an island counter.

However, one of the most important investments homeowners can make for bathroom and kitchen remodeling is not “sexy” and largely invisible. Still, it matters a lot, and that is the infrastructure behind the scenes.

Old Homes Need To Enter The 21st Century

Many homes in the United States have lived in, used, and loved for decades without any appreciable changes to their infrastructure. That means some people may be living in—or buying as their first home—a decades-old building, sometimes over a century old. In these older homes, because the electrical wiring and plumbing worked, no one felt the need to address them, but this can be a big, necessary change for new homeowners.

Today’s modern homeowner often uses a lot of electrical devices. From home theater systems and home offices with a lot of computer equipment to a plethora of mobile devices that all need to be charged, the electrical draw on homes is much more demanding in the 21st century than it was in the 1960s, and especially the 1920s, when “knob and tube wiring” was sufficient for a few light bulbs and a record player.

Conversely, an old cast iron drainage pipe may still be working for now, but if it’s near or over a century old, it’s near the end of its lifespan. And if a home still has lead water pipes from decades earlier, that is a health risk for children and older people. Old plumbing should always be addressed.

If you have bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects that need to upgrade plumbing and electrical, contact us today. We can make your home safer and more modern and even add to your property value by updating these important infrastructure elements.