The Benefits Of Crofton Ceramic Tile

The Benefits Of Crofton Ceramic Tile

If you’re planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel, the type of flooring you choose is a big deal. Your flooring begins your style from the ground up, and it protects your home from the damage spills, moisture, or everyday abuse can do. While you’re choosing your flooring style is of course going to be a concern, but the material you choose is also something of a big deal when it comes to the longevity of your remodeling job. Crofton ceramic tile is a top choice when it comes to kitchen or bathroom flooring, and there are a ton of benefits that come along with choosing this flooring option. Some of the top benefits of Crofton ceramic tile in your kitchen or bathroom remodel are:

• It’s durable – If your kitchen or bathroom sees a lot of use, you’ll want a flooring option that can stand up to the daily abuse. Crofton ceramic tile is a top choice in this regard, as it’s one of the single most durable flooring options you can get. If you look at ruins from ancient societies, like that in Rome, in many areas you can still see the tile flooring these homes or other dwellings originally had. This is a major testament to the durability of tile flooring.

• It’s easy to fix – One issue with Crofton ceramic tile is that it can break, chip, and crack. If you drop a heavy object on your ceramic tile, you might see for yourself the one vulnerability this type of flooring has. The good news is, however, tile is incredibly easy to fix. Rather than replacing an entire floor when damage occurs, you’ll only need to replace that single cracked or chipped tile portion.

• It’s moisture friendly – The two rooms in the home most likely to see moisture are the kitchen and the bathroom, so you’ll want a flooring option that can stand up against it. Crofton ceramic tile is water resistant, and the repeated moisture of humidity or spills won’t have an effect on your flooring.

• It’s valuable – If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen or bathroom before a sale, there are few options as valuable as Crofton ceramic tile. Not only will it increase the monetary value of your home, but the curb appeal value as well.

If you’re looking for a flooring option for your Crofton area kitchen or bathroom, we know just what works best for your new remodel. Contact us at Cardigan Kitchens and Baths to see what we can do for you today.