The Best Way To Clean And Maintain Your Kitchen Cabinets

The Best Way to Clean and Maintain Your Kitchen Cabinets

Have you recently finished up a kitchen remodel and had new cabinets installed? Then you may be wondering how to best clean and maintain your new Crofton kitchen cabinets to keep them looking new.

Here is your cabinet care guide for maintaining your new Crofton kitchen cabinets.

Proper Care

When you properly care for your cabinets, they will have a long lifetime. When we talk about proper care, we are talking about cleaning and polishing your new cabinetry while also learning what cleaners you should and shouldn’t use.

After Installation

After your Crofton kitchen cabinets are installed, you should take a soft, clean, and damp washcloth and gently wipe down each cabinet. Once you wipe each cabinet down, take a dry and soft cloth to dry each one thoroughly. When wiping down your cabinets, always make sure to wipe in the direction of the wood grain.

It is also recommended that you apply a very thin coat of a high-quality polish to the cabinets after the installation as well. Avoid any polishes that contain wax or silicone, and always follow the manufacturer’s directions on the label. The polish can go a long way in preventing scratching, staining, and excessive moisture, all of which can damage your new cabinetry.

General Cleaning Guidelines

As we cook and use our kitchens, grease and grime can begin to buildup. When this goes unattended, it can ultimately damage the cabinets. So, some basic cleaning is required. To avoid this buildup, use a damp cloth to wipe down the cabinets at least once every two weeks.

If you find that the water is not getting rid of the grime, you can use a very mild dishwashing agent to help. Wipe the cabinets down in the direction of the wood grain, and make sure to remove any residue or dampness with a dry cloth when you are done. You don’t want any moisture left on the cabinets.

Products to Avoid

When cleaning your new Crofton kitchen cabinets, avoid any products that can ultimately damage them, including petroleum-based, solvents, bleach, strong detergents and soaps, nail polish remover, paint thinner, steel wood, coarse sponges, and ammonia.

Maintaining your new cabinets can be done easily and can extend their lifespan. New cabinetry can be a costly investment, so it should be taken care of. Contact us at Cardigan today if you are about to start your own kitchen remodel and want a little more direction.