The Hidden Expenses Of Kitchen Remodeling

Crofton Remodeling Contractor Services And Expenses

If you’re talking to Crofton remodeling contractor services about some home improvements, the kitchen is probably the biggest expense you can invest in on a single-room basis. Unlike other rooms, which can easily change look and function by swapping out furniture and a coat of paint, kitchens have appliances, floor tile, counters, and cabinets that all require the work of a Crofton remodeling contractor services to look their best and provide years of quality, reliable operation. These are the expenses that homeowners typically factor in when creating a budget:

Cabinets: 35%
Appliances: 20%
Labor: 20%
Windows: 10%
Fixtures: 5%
Fittings: 3%
Miscellaneous: 7%

However, because of the large investment required in a kitchen remodel, you should be aware of the possible financial pitfalls. These are some of the other expenses you need to be mindful of.


If you’re undertaking a large remodeling, including the bathrooms, you may be better off in temporary accommodations while the work is being done. This is especially true during those periods when the water supply has been shut down, and there’s no access to a toilet, bathtub, shower, or even sink and faucet.

The temporary living arrangements may not have to be for the entire duration of the remodeling process, but some days or even weeks may require it. Plan accordingly if you are still living in your home while remodeling occurs.


Most of the time, the most inexpensive meals are the ones you prepare for yourself at home. However, that implies having a fully functioning kitchen. If you’re undergoing a major kitchen remodel, everything is likely to be torn out and slowly rebuilt with new walls, tiles, cabinets, counters, and, of course, appliances.

Some may try to substitute a hot plate and microwave in some other room of the home, but without access to a proper counter and sink, true home cooking won’t be possible until the kitchen remodel is complete. Inevitably, dining at restaurants will occur more often, as will buying takeout food and bringing it home. Both of these expenditures are understandably more than home-cooked meals, and, over weeks, this can add up.

Be sure to factor this in as you create a budget for a kitchen remodel.


Everyone hopes that nothing goes wrong, but it’s always better to be prepared and have safeguards in place should the unexpected occur. In the case of a remodeling job, it’s always advised to ensure that the equivalent of 20% of the total budget is additionally available to deal with unexpected issues.

For example, tearing out the walls in the kitchen may reveal that the water pipes of an older home are lead, and, for health, safety, and future investment reasons, it’s a good idea to remove the plumbing and replace it with new waterlines, even if you hadn’t previously budgeted in this expense. Or the area where an old dishwasher was installed has suffered from water damage to the wood in that area due to a small leak that went unnoticed for years.

If you have a contingency fund in place, you won’t have to sacrifice your initial plans when your Crofton remodeling contractor services encounter the unexpected.