The Holiday Half-Bath

Home for the holidays! Nothing makes the holidays seem quite as magical as when your whole family can be together. Maybe your daughter is bringing her boyfriend home from college, your son’s family is coming into town for a week, and your parents are taking a break from Florida and heading back north for awhile. Whoever is coming, for however long they’ll be there, you might be having a full house this year. As wondrous as it will be, you can’t help but have a nagging feeling inside when you realize that you’ll have 10 people in the house, including 2 senior citizens and 2 children under the age of 5, all sharing one bathroom for several days over Christmas.

Another Bathroom

Some people might feel that it’s a little bit far-fetched to put in a new bathroom just for one holiday season. But if you think about it, it isn’t really only for one season. When you have family members who travel to visit you more than once a year, such as your aging parents, college-age daughter, and son’s family, it’s a good idea to have an available space for everyone to feel comfortable. While you can easily adjust schedules to accommodate shower times, no one wants to line up at the bathroom door to wait their turn when it comes to other issues!

The Half Bath

Installing a half-bath is a common request from many homeowners. Not only does a half-bath add convenience to you and your guests, it also increases the value of your home. And by not adding a full tub or shower, the cost of the half-bath can be less expensive than you think. Overall, it’s worth the price and the effort to have a happy home when many people come to visit.

Where To Put It

You don’t need to have a lot of space in your home for a toilet and a sink. If you can find a space that is 3 or 4 feet wide and 6 to 8 feet long, it’s all you need. A large closet, the area under a staircase, or even a small space in the corner of a garage will do. If your existing bathroom is large enough, the space can even be divided to make a smaller bathroom and a half-bath. Either way, a professional service can come in and scout out your home to find the perfect place for your new addition.

At Cardigan, we can handle all of your half-bath needs. From the design, to the tile, to the plumbing needed for the toilet and sink, we have the staff and service to accommodate you. From simple to elegant, you’ll find just what you need for a price that’s tough to beat. Come into our showroom and browse our designs to get a feel for what would look best in the added space of your home. Call us for a consultation and we’ll make sure that when your family comes home for the holidays, it’s a happy holiday indeed.

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