The Ins And Outs Of Toilet Tank Components That Can Cause A Homeowner Grief

The Ins And Outs Of Toilet Tank Components That Can Cause A Homeowner Grief

Have you been thinking about the inner workings of your toilet lately? The answer is probably no because most people don’t sit around daydreaming about their potties. Rather, commodes stay out of sight, out of mind, and users expect them to function correctly. Unfortunately, parts can break, or the drain may become clogged, which causes the toilet to operate improperly if at all. There are what seems like countless numbers of replacement pieces available at hardware stores for homeowners to attempt their own repairs, but sometimes, the task may prove to be more difficult than they think.


Professional, Friendly Service Is Only A Phone Call Away


Some units will require particular parts, designed specifically for them, and finding the right one is no easy feat. For instance, flush levers come in different shapes, lengths, and sizes. There are handles that mount on the front or side of the tank and even some that install on the tank lid itself. Crofton residents, don’t let a broken commode part stress you out. Instead, give our team a call to investigate the issue, install the appropriate piece, and get your restroom performing at a peak level again.


Problematic Water Control Valves


Water control valves, also commonly referred to as ballcocks, fill the tank with H20 and shut-off after reaching a precise level. Some toilets will require specific parts that can only be obtained from the manufacturer and through a plumbing supply company. There are also many models that can function correctly with aftermarket pieces. However, before running right out and buying something that you may not need, give us a call to examine the situation. Various water control valves come equipped with screens that catch debris like rust before it reaches the device and causes damage. The unit usually has to become dismantled to clear the trash, but in many cases, it is possible to restore water flow without replacing the ballcock.


A Warped, Wavy Flapper Is A Recipe For Disaster – Toilet Tank


The flapper is the rubber or vinyl piece at the bottom of the tank. It attaches to the flush valve, is usually connected to the flush lever by a chain, and it prevents water from seeping into the bowl. Unfortunately, after a period, the flapper will warp. This action allows the H20 to escape, which makes the ballcock continually kick on and can cause a water bill to skyrocket. It is possible for a double flush to occur from installing the wrong replacement flapper, and sometimes, if the device does not stay up long enough, the commode will not take down the waste.

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