The Inside Scoop On TV Remodeling Shows

The Inside Scoop On TV Remodeling Shows

We often hear from customers who watch a home remodeling show and assume that what they see on TV is what they are going to get in real life. Unfortunately, that is not the case. We’ve provided an inside scoop on TV remodeling shows so that you can better distinguish fact from fiction when it’s time for you to undergo renovations.


Producers Purposefully Omit Key Details


If you are watching a remodeling show, pay attention the next time that you learn critical details about the home, such as its:

• City
• State
• Country

Yes, we said “Country!” Believe it or not, many remodeling shows are often produced in Canada, not the United States. Because producers omit critical details about the home’s location, project factors are skewed. For instance, the price of a remodel fluctuates drastically across the US. It’s much more expensive to renovate a Manhattan apartment than it is a Midwestern home.


Episodes Are Edited Down


If the producers make it appear as though they completed an incredible amount of work in only a short amount of time, don’t believe it as true. Typically, it’s unrealistic to achieve such high volumes of work in such a short time. You should have more realistic expectations when conducting your own renovations.


Contractors You Can Trust


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