The Kitchen Countertop: Stone Vs. Wood

The Kitchen Countertop: Stone Vs.Wood

If you’re thinking of doing some kitchen remodeling in Bowie, then one of the areas you may be addressing is the kitchen countertop. It might seem pretty straightforward, but this is a decision that is going to affect both the final look of a kitchen, as well as the kind of maintenance and repair that kitchen may require. So what’s the right decision? We’re going to look into the two primary surfaces when it comes to a kitchen, wood, or the “butcher block” and stone, with materials like granite and quartz.

The Stone Choice

Kitchen remodeling in Bowie is going to depend a lot on the personal choice of the homeowner, and that decision may be influenced by either personal preference, or financial considerations, such as return on investment. A stone kitchen countertop brings with it some very real pros and cons that property owners will need to consider carefully.

On the plus side, stone countertops tend to take care of themselves in the long term. As harder, inorganic materials, stone countertop surfaces like granite and quartz can be “ignored” to a certain degree. They are impervious to moisture, so you don’t have to worry about mold formation, and they will not rot or wear down with time, because they don’t have any organic matter that is vulnerable to bacteria.

On the other hand, however, while a stone countertop is not easy to damage when it does get damaged, it may be hard to repair. Dropping knives or very heavy objects on a stone countertop can chip, crack or even break the surface. When that happens, repairing the damage can be tricky and usually expensive.

The Wood Choice

The old fashioned “butcher’s block” of a wood countertop surface is still a very popular choice for kitchen remodeling Bowie, and this is for a number of reasons. Of course, one of the most popular reasons for a wood countertop is the very unique, “warm” look that it lends to a kitchen, and for many people, this may be enough to swing the decision.

However, beyond that, wood also brings with it flexibility. Mishaps in the kitchen that would break a stone surface may only dent or warp a wood surface. And of course, if part of a wooden countertop needs to be replaced, this is easily done, often at a lower cost than the same repair for a stone countertop.

Where wood becomes more problematic is in the maintenance. In terms of years, wood may not last as long as a good stone countertop surface because it is far more vulnerable. Wood, unlike stone, needs to be properly sealed and must be carefully maintained. If moisture or other contaminants get into the wood, this can eventually eat away at the wood, or even render it unsafe to put food on.

Ultimately, everyone is going to have a different preference for what kind of countertop they prefer when doing kitchen remodeling in Bowie. Find out where your personal tastes lie, and then make the choice that’s right for you, and your kitchen.