The New Kitchen: Functional And Fun

Get ready…get set…Go! This might be your call if you have decided to embark on the incredible journey known as a kitchen remodel. Yes, it might be time for you to finally ditch the kitchen you have been living with, and maybe just barely dealing with, over the years. Updating your kitchen is not only a great way to make you feel better about your home, but it’s a great way to invest in your property. Homes with modern and updated kitchens have a far better resale value than a home that suffers from the cramped and ugly color-scheme of old.

Two words to consider when planning your new kitchen; fun and functional. The trends of today are about convenience. Face it; we are busy people! Many homes have two working parents and kids who are busy with school and after-school activities. Time is of the essence and we barley have an opportunity to have dinner together! When the opportunity arrives, we want to get a meal on the table quickly without fighting the cabinet doors and wrestling for the pots and pans.

Functional: Cabinets

When it comes to the kitchen cabinets, the trends focus on pull out drawers that eliminate frustration and clutter. Pots and pans are within easy reach, no tossing pot lids and clanging pans together to find the right one. With built-in hydraulics, your drawers and doors will close with merely a touch leaving no open cupboards to run into in a rush. And pull out drawers in the pantry mean that you’ll find your meal ingredients much faster and without frustration.

Open shelving has taken a high note in the kitchen; instead of wasted space of high cabinets that no one can reach, open shelves above can display decorative plates or even everyday glasses. If you have a collection of items that are currently packed away, bring them out for display on these high shelves.

And don’t forget the possibility of a charging station built right in to a cabinet or drawer. This way, everyone hands over their devices “to charge” when you sit down to dinner.

Fun: Light And Magic

Kitchen lighting has taken a turn for the better. Funky shaped pendant lights can be hung above the kitchen island for viewing recipes and working on various tasks while giving the kitchen a bit of flair. Or, create a bit of drama with oversized light fixtures.

Industrial lighting has made its name in the kitchen with the use of copper and brass fixtures, stainless steel, glass and old-fashioned lightbulbs, and even the appearance of wire caging instead of wall sconces.

The magic comes when you consider appliances that look like they were once used in your great-grandmother’s kitchen, but have the modern abilities of today. What once was old is new again as appliance manufactures have found a way to marry classic styles with all of the bells and whistles we’ve become accustomed to.

Let the professionals at Cardigan help you decide just how you want to upgrade your kitchen for the long haul. We’ll que you in on all of the fun and functional changes that will give you a better place for the family to gather today and a better opportunity for resale later. Stop by our showroom to see all that we have to offer and you’ll be on your way.

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