The One-Day Bathroom Remodel

The One-Day Bathroom Remodel

The holidays can be an exciting time, knowing that your home will soon be filled with festiveness and cheer. Unfortunately for many, the holidays can also be a daunting time, as they realize that they will soon be hosting dozens of friends and family in their house. Many homeowners in this situation often look around and feel as though they need to do something to add character to their home.

Bathroom Remodel

This year, you do not have to undergo an extensive remodel that is out of your budget in an attempt to impress your friends and family. Instead, look to do something like this one-day bathroom remodel to liven some of the spaces in your home.


Install New Tile In Your Shower


One of the easiest remodeling projects available involves installing new tile in your shower. Getting rid of moldy or chipped tile is an excellent way to help make your bathroom appear brighter. Tiling is also relatively affordable and should fit within most budgets.


Update Your Fixtures And Appliances


You can also choose to upgrade fixtures and appliances to help make your bathroom appear new. You do not need to replace everything. Instead, pick a few items that are dated and in obvious need of an update. Things to look toward replacing include:

• Light Fixtures
• Showerheads
• Toilets


Contact Professional Remodeling Experts Today


If you are worried about completing a one-day remodel or would like to do something more, be sure to contact the local remodeling experts at Cardigan today. The sooner you reach us, the better chance we have of completing your project by the holiday season. We’ll work with you to come up with a project design that meets your style and budget. Give us a call today to learn more. We look forward to working together this holiday season!