The Three Bathroom Cabinet Types

The Three Bathroom Cabinet Types

If you’re upgrading your bathroom and you’re thinking of getting new bathroom cabinets, then, just like with kitchen cabinets, you have three main categories to choose from. Here are your general options if you’re looking into this upgrade.

Stock Bathroom Cabinets

As with kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets have “stock” versions. This means the cabinets have already been measured and packaged and just need to be assembled. For people who want the cheapest and easiest solution for a bathroom renovation, this is the ideal choice.

Of course, this also means that as far as the dimensions of the bathroom cabinets go, you’re limited to whatever measurements are available with stock bathroom cabinets. This is not a recommended choice for people who want exact, specific dimensions.

Semi-Custom Cabinets

The next option up from stock cabinets is semi-custom cabinets. This is frequently the more popular choice for both kitchen and bathroom cabinet upgrades. As the name suggests, homeowners are no longer confined to a cabinet set with fixed dimensions. Now, there are a few variations to choose from.

As with their kitchen equivalents, semi-custom cabinets not only offer different measurements, but they may provide different colors, shapes, and styles depending on the brand. They are usually also made with better materials stock cabinets, which results in an expected price bump.

Custom Cabinets

Finally, and unsurprisingly, the most expensive option is for fully customized cabinets. Here, homeowners work with designers to get not only the specific dimensions they want but also a selection of materials and a design based on their own needs.

As to be expected, the reason this is the most expensive option is that everything must be built from scratch, with personalized measurements design, and of course, the cost of the materials depends entirely on which materials homeowners choose; this is definitely the choice for people who value choice over anything else, and have the budget to spend.

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