The Three Cs; New Trends In Flooring

There’s been a lot of buzz about the newest trends in flooring. What’s hot might not always be functional, but what’s functional might not always be what’s hot. Some of the most popular trends right now are a little bit of both; you be the judge.


  • Pros. When it comes to coloring, concrete flooring is versatile. It can be stained, dyed, painted, and finished with a colored hardener. Concrete can be texturized to remain a bit rough, or buffed until smooth like glass. It is easy to clean; just sweep or mop with a gentle cleaning product. Concrete flooring is great for the environment since it is eco-friendly material and it improves indoor air quality.
  • Cons. Though concrete flooring is durable, it must be sealed properly on a regular basis to resist water damage. Also, being such a hard surface, fragile objects will most likely shatter when dropped on this flooring. Installation is not do-it-yourself; it is best left to the professionals. And concrete is not exactly easy on the feet (think cold city sidewalk) or on the ears (think echo chamber).


  • Pros. Cork flooring has come a long way since it was first offered as a home flooring option. There are many more color choices, for one, and its durability has greatly improved. Cork is a great option for those who like to have a warm floor underfoot and a soft, comfortable surface to walk on. Cork also has natural sound-absorbing properties so it’s perfect in a home with kids, an apartment with sensitive neighbors, or a music room. And cork is very eco-friendly.
  • Cons. Since cork is so soft, it can scratch tear easily. Cork still has problems with spills and moisture damage, so sealing and staying dry is key. Also, no matter the color, cork will fade when exposed to sunlight for a long period. Finally, heavy furniture can create dents and divots in the floor over time, so furniture coasters or wood planks are a must.

Cut-and-Loop Carpet

  • Pros. Everybody loves carpet; or at least they like it. Today’s carpet is incredibly soft on the feet, warm to the soles, and comes in just about every color, design, and texture imaginable. It’s pretty easy to clean, too; just pull out the vacuum or the shampooer. Even carpet padding has gotten a makeover. Plus, carpet manufacturers are trying to be more enviro-friendly.
  • Cons. It’s still difficult to keep carpet looking pristine and lovely in high-traffic areas of your home.

Cleaning often is required and stain-resistant carpet is a must when it comes to kids and pets. There are still some air-quality issues that come with new carpet, though most odors dissipate shortly after installation.

When you’re down to the wire and trying to decide what kind of flooring to use in yourhome remodel, come and see us at Cardigan. We can help you decide on the most functional flooring to meet your family’s needs. If you want it warm and soft, or durable and good for the environment, we’ll take you on a flooring journey until you find just the right material. We know that trends come and go and we can show you the trends that never go out of style. Your floors will still be hot in years to come.

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