The Three Types Of Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets Contractors  - The Three Types Of Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are the most expensive portion of a kitchen remodel. When you’re working with kitchen cabinets contractors, you can potentially end up spending anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars just on cabinets alone. How much you end up spending often depends on the type of cabinet you choose to get installed in your kitchen. You have three main choices, and they are:

Types That Kitchen Cabinets Contractors Can Offer


The cheapest choice and often one that homeowners are initially tempted to go with. Prefab cabinets are already built and ready to assemble. However, prefabricated stock cabinets have two significant risks. They are made of lower quality materials to justify the price. Because they are already constructed, their dimensions are locked in, meaning there may be gaps in installation, or they may be too short or too long, and you have to live with it.


This is a step up from prefab cabinets in that some parts are ready to go, but this is not a fully constructed cabinet system. In other words, there is room to tweak and adjust. With a semi-custom cabinet system, your kitchen can be measured by the kitchen cabinets contractors. The cabinets can be cut and installed to the exact dimensions that make sense for the kitchen you use.


The most expensive option of all. This requires working with very specialized kitchen cabinets contractors. Everything, from the materials used, to the colors chosen, to the measurements required, are bespoke, meaning that it is all built from scratch, just for you. This will take the most time and command the highest price, but for some people, fully custom-built cabinets are the only way to go. It’s this option that regularly runs tens of thousands of dollars for cabinetwork alone.

For most homeowners, the semi-custom cabinet choice is the one that makes the most sense for quality at an affordable price point.