The Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends Of 2015

If you plan to refresh your bathroom with a bit of a remodel, there are some bathroom remodeling trends for 2015 that you may want to incorporate into your space. Contact us for inquiries on kitchen remodeling services.

If you’ve been considering a kitchen remodel during the year 2015, we at Cardigan want to make sure your home is on trend with the latest kitchen styles. With our help, you can bring your kitchen into the 21st century all the way up to 2015, and the top trends for this year have a lot to offer for all types of families, all types of homes, and all types of personal styles. The top kitchen remodeling trends of 2015 are:

  • Hidden appliances – One huge trend that we’re seeing more and more of is hidden appliances, and we at Cardigan can help to disguise your appliances in an effort to allow them to blend right in to your new countertops and cabinetry. Tucking away refrigerators, dishwashers, and even trash disposal pieces can give your kitchen a well put together and clean look.
  • Color scheming – Color has never meant more than it does right now, and we at Cardigan can help you to really color scheme your new kitchen into a new space that’s modern and stylish. With color scheming, your appliances will match the countertops, which will go with the cabinetry, which will go with your wall color. What really makes this trend fun is the way you can sprinkle in little pops of different color and have them truly stand out!
  • Focus on cabinets – Cabinets are used to taking a backseat to countertops, but a big trend in kitchen remodeling for this year is allowing your cabinetry to steal the show. Rich dark woods, light airy colors, and uniquely shaped cabinets are just the tip of your trendy design iceberg.
  • Custom countertops – Countertops aren’t falling to the wayside of cabinetry, and another big trend is really bringing out your countertops by choosing a different sort of material or putting in your own custom flair with some built in kitchen tools, like butcher boards.
  • Light – Light is a huge deal in the modern kitchen, and this is proven by how important it is in remodeling projects in 2015. Installing lighting all throughout the kitchen to create a bright and warm atmosphere can really bring out your cabinets, countertops, and appliances all at once.

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