There Are Three Classes Of Bathroom

Bathroom Reconstruction: Three Classes Of Bathroom

There are three types of bathroom when it comes to bathroom reconstruction, or more specifically, new bathroom additions. These bathrooms are differentiated at least in part by size, but the most important factor is the features these bathrooms have or don’t have. Here’s how you should be planning your bathroom size and features if you’re thinking of bathroom reconstruction or a new addition.

Full Bathroom

This is what often ends up attached to a master bedroom, or acts as the main/central bathroom in a house. A full bathroom is often 50 square feet or more and has everything you’d expect, with at least one toilet, one sink, and one bathtub, and a shower.

To be considered a “full bathroom,” the minimum square footage typically starts at about 40’, as 32’ is normally considered the minimum for a bathroom with a shower stall in it. Another typical characteristic of these bathrooms is the generous vanity counter space allotted to the sink and grooming preparations. This is often the bathroom where make-up, hair styling, shaving, and other grooming are done because of the available storage and counter space.

¾ Bathroom

This is often a popular choice as a second bathroom addition. A ¾ bathroom is usually maxed out at about 40 square feet, with a minimum of 32’. It still has a toilet and sink, though the counter space is often less generous. There’s also usually only one bathtub or one shower, though a shower is a more popular choice for smaller spaces.

¾ bathrooms go over well in family residences because they are “complete” enough to allow another person to go through a typical full morning routine when everyone is usually getting ready for work or school within roughly the same window of time. With a ¾ bathroom, two people can have morning showers alongside brushing teeth and other grooming if all of that is required before facing the day.

½ Bathroom

At the smallest end is the ½ bathroom. Sometimes, this may just be a very small ¾ bathroom, as the biggest size for this is 32’ just enough to admit a shower stall. However, half-bathrooms typically have only a toilet and sink, which means that these bathrooms can fit into as little as 10-12 square feet with proper planning.

In the same that ¾ bathrooms are popular for crowded homes, the ½ bathroom fills a similar role and is especially useful for when more than one person needs to use the toilet, but not necessarily take a bath or shower. For homes that entertain many guests or have larger families, this is again a popular choice. In some instances, there may be more than one ½ bathroom built into a building since the smaller square footage makes it possible to put them in many places, such as under a staircase to utilize what would otherwise be “dead” space in a home.

Talk to your bathroom remodel contractor about your bathroom reconstruction options. With the right bathroom addition, you can add more comfort, convenience, and even value to your home.